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autumn's dream dizzy

Introducing Autumn's Dream Dizzy, the famous fainting, silky long haired pocket goat! She has it all, beautiful coat, dainty stature, tri-coloured and level 5 fainter. She is registered with the MGR. She had her first kid March of 2016, little Agnes. Dizzy is a fabulous Mother, and beautiful Agnes will be retained in our herd.





So sweet, she is a very small pocket pygmy goat, shown here below with her doeling Pipsqueak.

The boyz


This is Ruckus our herd sire! He throws beautiful kids, to date all triplets and twins, 60% doelings. He is tri-coloured and very friendly. His registered name is Red Barn Goat Farm Causin' A Ruckus. Born in spring 2021. He will be offered for sale December 2022 after breeding our current girls. Keeping many of his offspring so soonwill be time to move him on! 

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